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Home and Office Broadband Solution

Take Priority: Easynet is designed for business, so everything you do will take network priority over home broadband users, ensuring performance is maintained even during peak usage times.

Network Security: Easynet provides Point-to-Point (P2P) and/or Point-2-Multipoint IP Transit over MPLS backbone services from any-to-any customer site in Chittagong and Nations wide.

Increase Productivity: With speeds up to 8x faster than standard broadband*, everything you do will be quicker. Connect more people to your broadband and allow them to do more things at once and do them faster!

Stay Connected: Broadband downtime is business downtime. Our 8 hour fix SLA** and 24/7 customer support, backed up by a fleet of Openreach engineers, minimises any risks to your connectivity.

Enhance Functionality: Superfast upload speeds mean you can take full advantage of the latest internet-based business applications such as VoIP Telephony, Cloud Computing and Video conferencing.

Built for business: We have a 'business only' network, so you won't experience any unexpected speed reductions.

Quick fixes: With an 8 hour fi x SLA*, (subject to Openreach terms and conditions) any fault you have will be quickly resolved.

Amplify your capability: There's no need to worry about your download limit, with 100GB or unlimited data options (subject to our Acceptable Usage Policiey)

Around the clock: 24/7 UK-based customer support available whenever you need it.

Much faster speeds: Choose Option for speeds up to 8 times faster than standard home users 10 mbps to above.

Some basic features of our dedicated service are

  1. MRTG Graph help our clients to know their usage.
  2. Provide static real IP address for servers.
  3. Mail exchange entry / MX entry.

To deliver a total solution to this varied need, EasyNet now offers a diversified portfolio of services to best mach of diversified client base.

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